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About the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®

The Gilead COMPASS (COMmitment to Partnership in Addressing HIV/AIDS in Southern States) Initiative® is an unprecedented more than $100 million commitment over 10 years to support organizations working to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Southern United States. The South is most affected by the HIV epidemic, accounting for 54% of all new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. In response to the Southern HIV epidemic, COMPASS focuses on providing concentrated investments in the region to reduce HIV-related health disparities, build awareness, advance education, and reduce stigma.

About Gilead

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need. Gilead is dedicated to transforming and simplifying care for people with life-threatening illnesses around the world.  We also recognize that it takes more than medicine to address challenges patients and communities face in accessing the best possible care, and we know that passion for scientific discovery alone — and that Gilead alone — cannot solve these challenges.  Gilead applies the same values of partnership, integrity, and dedication to our work tackling the social and structural challenges that patients, healthcare providers and other partners must overcome to identify and elevate the best possible solutions.


Since 2016, Funders Concerned about AIDS has recognized Gilead as the top corporate HIV/AIDS philanthropy donor.  Gilead continues to go where the need is greatest, continuously testing what works and investing in what makes the most impact.  The Gilead Compass Initiative®, a 10-year, more than $100 million commitment represents sustained efforts to work with our partners through COMPASS Coordinating Centers, the Southern HIV Impact Fund, and direct donations to other organizations to combat the disproportionate impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the South.  Gilead has developed several global strategic giving initiatives to go beyond medicine and address social and structural determinants of health and was recently recognized as the number one U.S. company in charitable cash giving by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.



Gilead Sciences, Inc. is ranked #1 top corporate funder for HIV/AIDS globally



Gilead Sciences, Inc. is ranked #1 U.S. company in charitable cash giving

About the Coordinating Centers

Through the corporate giving program of the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®, four Coordinating Centers – Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, the Southern AIDS Coalition, and Wake Forest School of Divinity – implement HIV-related programming and provide funding to local organizations that are committed to addressing the epidemic throughout the South. Community investment through grants, trainings, and collaborative learning opportunities focus on three primary areas:

  1. Capacity Building and Shared Knowledge
  2. Well-being, Mental Health, Substance Use and Trauma-Informed Care
  3. Stigma Reduction
  4. Faith-Based Advocacy and Spiritually Integrated Capacity Building
HIV and AIDS Resources in the South

Our Five
Core Imperatives

Start with
the Data


Meet People
Where They Are


Facilitate Alliances
and Partnerships


Leverage Existing
Models of Success


Evaluate and
Share Knowledge

HIV and AIDS Resources in the South

About ETR

Reflecting COMPASS’ commitment to data-driven programming, Gilead has also partnered with ETR to serve as the evaluator. Monitoring and evaluation systems are being established for the collection, analysis, and reporting of key evaluation data, with the purpose of informing continuous improvement. A non-profit organization that advances health equity by designing science-based solutions, ETR brings over three decades of experience in the field of HIV, sexual, and reproductive health. Most recently, with support from Gilead Sciences, ETR implemented the Intentional Advocates project which worked intensively with six organizations on capacity-building plans and aided their strategic communications and enhanced advocacy efforts in the South.

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