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Advancing the Capacity of Faith Communities to Shift Narratives Away from Stigma toward Life-Enhancing Possibilities

Wake Forest University School of Divinity is a dynamic ecumenical theological institution that prepares individuals to be faith leaders in a changing world. Since our founding, we have sought to transform a range of cultural narratives related to one of the four primary focus areas of COMPASS. This transformative work arises from and returns to our mission to equip learners to be agents of justice, reconciliation, and compassion in Christian churches and other ministries. At Wake Forest, we have a large and diverse network of community partners across the 12-state southern region and look forward to strengthening and expanding this network to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the South among diverse faith traditions. Wake Forest University School of Divinity works with these partners to build awareness, strengthen education and training, and develop spiritually integrated tools to support all people impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and in particular to provide resources for those disproportionately affected by the disease. To accomplish these aims, we leverage long-standing commitments to and experience with social justice concerns, inclusive and intentional interfaith engagement, and positive relationships with LGBTQ communities.

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Pastors/Clergy Leader Training

We prepare faith leaders to better understand and address HIV and the impact of stigma-related harm that can occur in faith spaces and build capacity for faith communities to expand opportunities for social and structural change that promotes equity for all.

Spiritually-Integrated Health Ministries

Through social justice focused activities, advocacy, increased education, coalition building, replication of best practices, and addressing social determinants of health, we work with congregations, nonprofits, and other organizations to start and enhance health ministries in their context.

Strategies in Transformative Storytelling

We provide opportunities to enhance faith communities by helping to create brave and inclusive practices and rituals for healing, including tools for preaching, teaching, and the use of art and artists for individual and communal thriving.


Wake Forest University School of Divinity

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  • Shonda Jones, EdD

    Shonda Jones, EdD

    Principal Investigator
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