Love Beyond Limits


Love Beyond Limits

by Marvin Anderson

The dynamism of limiting beliefs often blemishes the reality of what we can have or become. These beliefs are created with good intention to keep ourselves safe and to protect us. However, limiting beliefs are most often birthed from anxieties. Anxieties that are a result of lived experiences where we were embarrassed, shamed, threatened or even fearful of negative possibilities.

I remember receiving my HIV diagnosis. I had knowledge about HIV and that a full life was possible after a diagnosis. What I didn’t embrace was the ability to be loved after a diagnosis. I immediately thought to myself, I am now damaged property and no one will want to romantically be connected to me. I now realize that at that moment, I had created a limiting belief. A limiting belief that I bought into and believed.

The years following my diagnosis landed me in some very tumultuous relationships. The relationships weren’t tumultuous because they were with bad people. No. The relationships were bad in part, because I had created and embraced a limiting belief. A limited belief that prevented me from receiving a love outside of limits. Limits I had set for myself. Limits that I drastically needed to free myself from.

Once I realized that my love life was my problem to fix I began the internal self-work to rid myself of a false reality that I created. I unknowingly at the time had created a model that I now use in my profession as a Certified Life Coach.  A model now called “Bring Your “A” Game – Affirm, Account and Activate”. I would like to share my journey with you. Perhaps love isn’t what you have limited from your life. However, this system can work in any area you need to break limits and win in. Let’s do this!!!

Bring Your “A” Game – Affirm, Account and Activate

Affirm – Take time to affirm yourself. Speak truths that are positive and combat the negative limiting belief that you have created. This can be done through daily affirmations, futuristic journaling, listening to audible affirmations, and being in intentional spaces that builds confidence that combat the limiting belief.

Account – Put in place an accountability system that keeps you on the path to deconstructing those old belief patterns. Your system may include (and not be limited to) therapy, counseling, coaching, scheduled self-empowering activities that you must commit to, and accomplishing personal goals that you reward yourself for.

Activate – Once you have taken the time to put into action the steps needed to dethrone the limiting belief, you can now begin to practice embracing the new. Begin to embrace the new thoughts, that you’ve worked had to build and believe. Now align your actions with your new thoughts and activate your new way.

So, I employed the model and principles that I just shared with you. I myself have activated newness in many areas of my life, including love. I put in the work to dismantle the belief system that my HIV status made me unlovable and unworthy to receive the love I deserved. Today that is no longer my narrative or my reality. I am in a wonderful relationship that is budding each day to serve us both well. I am experiencing “Love Beyond Limits”.


Marvin Anderson is a Certified Life Coach, Empowerment Speaker and Author.

To learn more or connect follow Marvin on all social media platforms @LiveHigherInc or log-on to


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