Webinar: Organization Structure or Restructure, What You Should Know Before Doing Both

Speaker: Monique Childress, Principal Consultant of Horizon Advisory Group in Atlanta, Georgia. Monique specializes in strategic planning, organization development, and collaboration for over 8 years.  


Overview: Organizations large and small have some form of structure to operate, but how do you know what structure works best for your organization? Many new HIV service organizations are in the process of creating what their structure should look like, while the more seasoned organizations are going through similar struggles as they restructure their organization to fit into modern times. Ms. Childress will discuss what an organization structure is and how it relates to an organization’s mission. She will describe different types of structures for large and small organizations, as well as provide tools and resources for developing the right organization structure that’s best for your organization. 


Host: Leisha McKinley-Beach



DateThursday, April 16
Time2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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