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Promoting Health & Preventing Disease Locally, Nationally, & Globally

Emory University and the Rollins School of Public Health’s physicians, scientists, and educators have played a key role in HIV/AIDS from the earliest days of the epidemic. From leading behavioral and prevention research to treating and counseling thousands of patients, Emory has been a local, national, and international leader. Located in Atlanta – the self-styled “Public Health Capital of the World” – Emory and Rollins are uniquely situated to address the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic in the southern United States. Over the years, Emory and Rollins have demonstrated the importance and strength of research centers (or structures) at the University such as  PRISM (Programs, Research & Innovation in Sexual Minority Health) Health and the Emory Centers for Public Health Training and Technical Assistance (Emory Centers), which is home to the Emory COMPASS Coordinating Center. Emory Centers strives to reduce social and health disparities around HIV/AIDS and other diseases by advancing public health practice through capacity building in partnership with the public health workforce and communities nationwide. Emory Centers has a long history of collaborative projects with CDC, state health departments, and community-based organizations locally, across the U.S., and around the world.


We Offer

Capacity Building Assistance

We work directly with community-based organizations across the South to identify opportunities for growth by providing tailored trainings and strategically allocating funding that supports organizational sustainability. This support focuses on increasing operational capacity, enhancing program performance, and supporting professional development.


Knowledge Sharing Platforms

Through the COMPASS Initiative® Community Portal, community partners will have numerous ways to collaborate with organizations, researchers, advocates, and individuals dedicated to ending the HIV epidemic. This includes access to webinars, directories, best practice resources, and the latest news impacting our community, as well as an interactive forum promoting discussion.

Resource Directories and Maps

We are creating state-of-the-art maps to identify underserved areas of the South and better understand the spatial location and accessibility of HIV-related services in the region.

Emory University Rollins School of
Public Health COMPASS Coordinating Center

1518 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30322
  • Linelle Blais, PhD, CPF

    Linelle Blais, PhD, CPF

    Principal Investigator
  • Kia Colbert, MPH, CHES

    Kia Colbert, MPH, CHES

    Center Director, COMPASS
  • Candace N. Meadows, MPH

    Candace N. Meadows, MPH

    Director of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives
  • Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD

    Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD

    SME-Geospatial Mapping/ AIDSVu Liason
  • Neena Smith-Bankhead, MS

    Neena Smith-Bankhead, MS

    SME/ Advisor, Center Director, EnCORE
  • Christopher I. Mathews Jr.

    Christopher I. Mathews Jr.

    Capacity Building & Technical Assistance Manager
  • Rebecca Fils-Aime, MPH

    Rebecca Fils-Aime, MPH

    Senior Evaluator
  • Tori Placona, MA

    Tori Placona, MA

    Communications Specialist
  • Tanesha Baker

    Tanesha Baker

    Program Coordinator
  • Stephanie Woodson, MPH

    Stephanie Woodson, MPH

    Public Health Program Associate
  • Haneen Elfaki, MPH

    Haneen Elfaki, MPH

    Public Health Program Associate
  • Marija Pritchard, MPH

    Marija Pritchard, MPH

    Resource Directory Coordinator
  • Advisory Board

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