COVID-19 & Emory COMPASS Coordinating Center Funding

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Emory COMPASS Coordinating Center (ECCC) – COMPASS will be funding proposals that are able to meet deliverables through virtual or other approaches that do not require in person contact until further notice. ECCC believes that following CDC recommendations to limit in-person contact best supports the public’s health and the community members that you serve. As such, we will not consider proposals for funding that require in-person engagement until further notice, and will reconsider our decision related to funding that impacts in-person projects in January 2021. 

We would like to encourage and support our partners and applicants in exploring virtual or on-line alternatives for community convenings and other funded capacity building work. To assist in this, we are offering the following resources:

  • Watch our recorded webinar on Managing through COVID. This provides valuable information on virtual alternatives and how organizations may shift their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Reach out to us directly via Training Request.  Our team can assist your organization in strategizing how to best continue your services while being mindful of CDC recommendations.
  • Request an exception. If you feel like there is a strong justification as to why your project should be funded despite not adhering to the CDC recommendations, you may reach out to ECCC staff directly at for further information on supplementary materials required to be considered for funding. These materials may consist of a written justification, detailed safety plan, and/or the signing of a waiver.

Thank you so much for your work in HIV/AIDS, and your continued creativity and ingenuity during these challenging times. Your work has never been easy, and yet you continue to persist and innovate solutions that save lives and fosters sustainability. We will continue to do our part in providing you needed resources and support where we are able, always putting your health and those of your community first.  

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