Announcing the 2021 PoWER Up Cohort

Congratulations to the six organizations that been selected for the PoWER Institute’s  2021 Cohort!

“PoWER Up for Organizational Success” is an 8-month intensive collaborative learning opportunity for emerging organizations interested in enhancing their infrastructure. The key areas of focus include strategic planning, internal operations and fiscal management, leadership development including board development, change management, program planning, fund development and diversification, and sustainability.  


2021 PoWER Up Cohort

Advocacy House Services Inc. Greensboro, NC Advocacy House Services, Inc is an advocacy and capacity building organization that promotes the well-being, health, and dignity of marginalized community members using a social and racial justice lens so that they can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their lifestyle choices, gender identity or expression. Using a collective voice anchored in science and informed by community leadership our efforts and programs advance harm reduction techniques, and practices that impact our communities through education, training, and advocacy.

Capitol Area Reentry Program Inc. Baton Rouge, LA Strive to provide individuals in the community living with or at risk of acquiring and/or transmitting HIV, substance use and/or mental health, school dropout, juvenile delinquency and other legal consequences, with the tools to empower themselves, to enhance their quality of life, reduce the risk of incarceration, reduce recidivism and the spread of HIV/STDs through therapeutic, educational, preventive and referral services.

House of Serenity Atlanta, GA House of Serenity, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization whose purpose is to encourage an environment of self-care and self-awareness by eliminating stigma, while improving the quality of life for Women and Children, LGBTQ+ youth and Trans women of color through holistic care.

Ubuntu Incorporated Atlanta, GA Our mission is to constantly examine the ever changing barriers of the trans community and strategize to create unique programs and practices to remove the many obstacles that severely impact trans people’s ability to unlock their full potential.

Whats in the Mirror Pflugerville, TX Social movement that provides mental health awareness and suicide prevention to communities of color through art, advocacy, and affirming care with a healing justice framework and focus on women, youth, and LGBTQIA persons.
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