Since its inception, HIV and AIDS have been enthralled in stigma and miseducation. This has led to many barriers to healthcare and has had a destructive impact on populations across the world. However, times are changing. Communities that have been heavily impacted by HIV and AIDS are remaining vibrant, with an unyielding spirit. So much work has been done to alleviate the harm caused by HIV and AIDS through medications, heightened preventative interventions with testing and educating, and fighting through this stigma. However, we are not quite there. There is still a slew of criminalizing laws that exacerbate the rate of HIV in our society, ranging from sex work to drug usage. Some laws criminalize individuals that have HIV. All in all, we have made great progress, but have not fully reached our goal. We look forward to the future of HIV care and the eradication of this virus and will achieve this together.

World AIDS Day History:
World Aid’s Day started on December 1st in 1988 and was created to raise awareness on lives impacted by HIV. It is also one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization. World AIDS Day initially focused on young people, likely because they were some of the more sympathetic populations impacted by HIV. Since its beginning, World Aid’s Day has promoted all of the ideals that will help end the epidemic. In 2004, the World AIDS Campaign became an independent organization. It will continue to remain a pillar in HIV advocacy, and we are excited to celebrate in tandem with our community on December 1st.

Celebrate World AIDS Day with our partners! Check out some of their amazing events below:
• November 30th, Houston, FL: AASOETF World AIDS Day “Shades Of Red” Masquerade
• November 30th, Greensboro, SC: Advocacy House World AIDS Day
• December 1st, Memphis, TN: Health & Beauty Fair
• December 1st, Rock Hill, SC: Affinity Health Center World AIDS Day
• December 1st, Houston, TX: Legacy Community Health World AIDS Day Observance 
• December 1st, Dallas, TX: The Afiya Center End with Red
• December 1st, Panama City, FL: Communities Make The Difference
• December 1st, Wilton Manors, FL: Vigil and Remembrance Walk
• December 2nd, Lake Worth, FL: Opening Ceremony of the AIDS Memorial Quilt
• December 4th, Atlanta, GA: Ending the Epidemic, Community by Community
• December 5th, Nashville, TN: Red Ribbon Breakfast
• December 5th, San Antonio, TX: San Antonio AIDS Foundation Remembrance Celebration
• December 6th & 7th, Panama City, FL: World AIDS Day Event
• December 7th, Nashville, TN: Second Annual Fundraiser Brunch hosted by Street Works
• December 7th, Knoxville, TN: Red Ribbon Run
• December 8th, Columbia, SC: Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community

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